Maria Kang's Fitness Belly Ball

Frequently Asked Questions

Massaging your belly is an old Asian tradition. The Taoists discovered that most maladies could be healed once the underlying toxins and negative forces were released from the body. They developed a technique called Chi nei tsang, which literally means "working the energy of the internal organs". It uses deep, gentle touches to retrain the internal organs (stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder) to work more efficiently.

1. Is massaging your belly safe?

Yes. According to a 2009 study by the National Institutes of Health, abdominal massage was found to successfully reduce constipation and abdominal pain and increase bowel movements. Numerous studies have shown that full body massage -- which includes abdominal massage -- effectively reduce blood pressure, boost the immune system, increase lymphatic flow and thereby reduce edema, reduce pain and reduce stress and anxiety.

2. Is the Flat Belly Ball just for moms?

No! Flat Belly Ball can be used on anyone: moms, non-moms, men, even children! The benefits of massaging your belly pertains to everyone.

3. What are the benefits of massaging your belly?

Your midsection is an important area that houses your vital organs and digestive system. By massaging your belly you are able to increase blood flow within your abdomen, which increases oxygen to your organs. Your massage also relaxes tension in the muscles surrounding your colon, stimulates your body’s natural detoxification process and relieves bloating, cramps and constipation.

4. I am currently pregnant. Can I massage my belly?

Yes you can, but since this is a weighted ball, you should use your hands to massage your pregnant belly.

5. What medical conditions should be avoided when using the Flat Belly Ball?

Do not massage if you are pregnant or have inflammation in the uterus, bladder, ovaries, fallopian tubes; and individuals who have the following conditions: hypertension, stones in the gall bladder, kidney or bladder; general, femoral or inguinal and umbilical hernia; bleeding of the stomach, lungs or brain, or ulcers of the intestines and stomach. Please consult your doctor before beginning the Flat Belly Ball massage and/or exercise program.

6. How do I massage my belly?

Instructions are provided in the DVD package. It is recommended to massage in the morning and evening on an empty stomach. For optimal results, please ensure you are drinking enough water to help detox your system.

7. How is the Flat Belly Ball different from a regular medicine ball?

The Flat Belly Ball was created specifically for your belly. It has a ribbed, therapeutic design with a soft external lining perfect to place on your sensitive belly area. The ball also comes with Maria Kang’s specialized Core DVD, which offers three 20-minute workouts that she uses 2-3 times a week to strengthen and tighten the core.

8. How soon can I expect to see changes?

You will feel relief and comfort immediately when you begin massaging your belly. Allow a minimum of 3 weeks of consistent massages and core workouts before seeing increased strength, tone and weight loss in your midsection.