Maria Kang's Fitness Belly Ball

My Story

My first exposure to belly massage occurred following the birth of my 3 children in 2009, 2010, and 2011.  The delivery nurse began massaging my belly soon after giving birth.  She said it would help to decrease the size of my uterus and restore it back to its normal state.  She showed me her techniques, and I kept up with it on my own every day after leaving the hospital. It felt really relaxing once I was able to figure out the exact pressure to apply in each area of my stomach.

What amazed me was how fast I got my flat belly back, less than 2 weeks after giving birth! As you can see from the photos below, my results were amazing.  My bloated baby belly was gone and my flat belly was back!

Soon after, I started back into my daily workout routine of cardio, strength training, yoga and various circuit workouts.  At the end of my workouts I would always finish with a few stretches, then lay on my back and massage my belly for a few minutes.

I just loved the way it made me feel or maybe I just liked feeling my flat firm belly.  It turns out that stomach massage is an ancient Chinese form of medicine used to prevent bloating, constipation and promote healthy digestion.   When you eliminate those problems from your belly, you just feel so good!  Needless to say, my daily belly massage has now become my favorite daily ritual.

One day after a nice workout I was enjoying my stomach massage when I had a “Light bulb" moment.  I envisioned a product that would make it easy for anyone to give themselves a relaxing belly massage.  A small round weighted ball with various ridges made of a soft pliable material that would feel soothing against your skin.  The ball would provide the exact amount of pressure on your belly to replicate the massage my delivery nurse gave me. This would make self belly massage easy to do and very effective.

I ran downstairs to tell my husband my idea.  He knew about the amazing benefits of belly massage, and so I explained my new “belly massage ball" concept.  I could also create a simple program so that anyone can easily learn how to massage their own belly.  I even had a great name for it:  Flat Belly Ball.  My husband loved it!

I massage my belly each morning and night and keep my Flat Belly Ball right beside my bed. I designed the Flat Belly Ball to be small in size yet dense in weight.  The small diameter ball allows for a constant amount of pressure across a small surface area as the soft ball is rolled across your belly.  This constant pressure combined with the soft ridges replicates the same techniques used by therapists who perform stomach massage.   

The Flat Belly Ball is helping so many of my clients get instant relief from belly bloat and constipation.  I love reading their stories and seeing their before/after results!  

I am so incredibly proud of My Flat Belly Ball. It truly is my baby! (just don’t tell my sons! ☺)