Maria Kang's Fitness Belly Ball

My Story

One day a light bulb struck my gut (literally!) after a workout.  It was like any other day – I was lying flat on my back massaging my belly when I suddenly realized that the one consistent thing I’ve done for several years after giving birth in 2009, 2010 and 2011 – is massage my belly.  Applying therapeutic pressure to my abdomen was an uncommon practice that was very common in my Asian tradition. I ran downstairs to tell my husband that I had envisioned the first ‘belly ball’ in my mind. I explained that one of the first things the delivery nurse did after childbirth was massage my uterus. Placing a soft, weighted ball on my belly not only helped decrease my uterus size, but my belly flattened within two weeks after giving birth.

The Belly is Ball isn’t just for moms, it’s for everyone who wants to lose belly fat or promote internal circulation. Since I have a very sensitive tummy area from several food intolerances, I continued to use the ball to promote digestion, eliminate bloating and stimulate fat loss and circulation.  I massaged my belly each morning and night and often keep it beside my bed, which is why I designed the ball to ‘look pretty’.

Speaking of looks, my additional goal in creating my first exercise/massage product was to bring ‘pretty back into fitness’. It’s beautiful, ribbed spiral design and eye-catching, unique colors was created to not only make you smile, but remind you that our life works in evolutions. Just like the spiral design, our life repeats itself yearly and as we evolve in experience, our perspective, wisdom and understanding grows as well.

To add value and directives to the Belly Ball I included a workout DVD that provided three separate 20-minute workouts for your core. I train my core 2-3 times a week using a specific technique to ensure I engage all areas of my midsection. I begin with my deepest core muscle, my Transverse Abdominals (TVA), then move to my internal obliques, lower back then rectus abdominis. My technique focuses on engaging all areas of your body’s trunk while challenging it from the inside out.

I am so incredibly proud of this Belly Ball. It truly is my baby! (don’t tell my sons! ☺ )